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Make a success
of your weight loss surgery with continuous guidance by medical experts.

Personalised care:
before and after surgery

  • Daily personalised rehabilitation plan 
  • Clear instructions on food intake
  • Personal coaching with video exercises
  • Close complication management
  • moveUP app and a Garmin activity tracker

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What patients say

"With moveUP the care team guided me throughout the whole ride 7/7. Particularly my physiotherapist kept me positive. I no longer feel captive in my body and
can finally do the things I've always wanted to do." 

"With the care team always within hand reach I learned how to make healthier choices for myself. The dietician was patient and the information modules helped me understand my pitfalls."

Remote Personalised Care Plan

-some features-

Messenger function

Within the messenger function you can communicate directly with your care team. All messages are answered within 24 hours.

Close monitoring

We stay in touch with you daily and monitor important health parameters. With these insights your care team can instantly adjust their treatment to match your unique needs.

Weight monitoring

Your weight is recorded on a weekly basis. Together with your dietician you can evaluate your progress and agree on changes in the care plan as needed.

moveUP weightloss surgery care overview.
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Patient Journey

Scroll down to follow the moveUP bariatric patient journey.

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1. Sign up by clicking on the button 

Fill out the questionnaire to receive information on how exactly we can help you. 


After receiving our email, you can decide to confirm your registration and be guided with moveUP.

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2. Receive an introduction to moveUP

You will be guided in installing and getting familiar with the moveUP app and the step counter.


This introduction can take place at an information session at your hospital, with your physiotherapist or online.

3. Active weight loss surgery preparation

Prior to your surgery, you start wearing the step counter.

Via the app, we help you to prepare for your surgery. You'll receive eating guidelines and breathing exercise videos. Also practical tips such as how to deal with reduced mobility and getting out of a bed are shared.

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Patient Journey 3moveUP_.png
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4. Your surgeon performs the surgery 
Good news: modern surgical techniques are little invasive, allowing patients to be released from the hospital quite soon.
Via the moveUP dashboard for professionals, your surgeon has full insights about your health condition.
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5. Complication monitoring and recovery care 

From the moment you leave the hospital we take full care of your recovery treatment plan. This includes close follow-up of possible complications.
You'll be invited for physical check-ups 6-8 weeks after your surgery as standard. 
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6. Making permanent lifestyle changes

Adopting a new lifestyle can be difficult. Whatever your challenges may be, we'll help you get through them.
For example, you'll receive information when you need it.  
Messages may include information about mood swings and fertility. 
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7. Reach your goal and fly solo!

We guide you to reach your personal health goal! What is it that you would like to do (again)?

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Top 5 questions ... and their answers

1. How do I enroll?

Click on "sign up" and answer the 3 questions. Doing this does not oblige you to anything. Based on your answers, we will inform you how exactly we can help you. 

2. How safe is treatment with moveUP?

moveUP as a product and treatment plan are recognised as a medical product and complies to strict European safety standards. This concerns the safety of patients health and patient data privacy. Read more about our safety certificates and practices.

3. How much does moveUP cost?

The costs of using moveUP depends on various factors. Consult our doctor's assistant Ruth for a price indication.

4. Can be guided by my own physiotherapist, dietician or surgeon?

Yes, moveUP can be used by any medical professional. During the pre-registering process we ask you for the name and contact details of your preferred clinicians, if applicable.

5. I don't have a smart phone / tablet or don't know how to work with apps ?

The moveUP app is highly user friendly even for those without computer skills. If you can handle the remote control of a TV, you can work with our app. moveUP patients rated the moveUP app with the maximum of 5 stars.

Do you have another question?

Visit the online helpdesk where we've answered 101 questions. In case you have another question, Anne and Ruth are at your disposal. Both doctor's assistants are qualified to inform you about the moveUP app and the Garmin activity tracker.


You can contact the assistants by e-mail or by phone during office hours:

T. 0800. 88 008 (BE)

T. 085. 400 11 91 (NL)

T. 020. 819 178 13 (UK)