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Receive daily follow-up

to recover from COVID-19

while staying safely at home

Personalised COVID-19 recovery treatment
Recovering from COVID-19 can be a difficult and lengthy process. With moveUP you receive personalised post-acute rehabilitation care by your medical team. Feel supported and confident by being able to contact your clinician directly and being closely monitored.
Based on your progress, you receive 100% personalised coaching each day till you feel fully recovered. This coaching is done using the moveUP app and potentially a pulseoximeter.

What moveUP users say

"I always have some fear of relapse. What’s good about this application, is that somebody can contact their doctor directly. For example, I asked him a question about my persistent cough and he reassured me." - Youssef Aissa, Patient

"It's reassuring to know that the slightest change in a patient's condition [after discharge] can easily be detected. And, that the doctor can easily instruct the patient to go to the hospital if required."- Dr. Kenneth Coenye, Chief Medical Officer


Download the moveUP app

To get connected with your GP follow the instructions.

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Stay safely at home 
while still being looked after
by medical professionals.


With the in-app messenger function

you can communicate directly

with your clinician.

Do you have questions?

Visit the online helpdesk where we've answered 101 questions.
In case you have another question, Anne and Ruth are at your disposal.


You can contact the assistants by e-mail or by phone during office hours:

T. 0800. 88 008 (BE)

T. 085. 400 11 91 (NL)

T. 020. 819 178 13 (UK)

T. +32.800. 88 008 (DE)