I am a patient

Contact your doctor

In case you are a patient with COVID symptoms, contact your GP and ask for their COVID-moveUP code. With this code your doctor can immediately follow you up via the App.

In case you cannot reach your GP for their COVID-moveUP code, a dedicated team of doctors can link you to your GP. In this case you can start the registration with code: "COVID19"

You can download the "moveUP" App on the App Store or Google Play or by clicking here. Use the code you have received in the "Register" App.

The use of the moveUP App is free of charge.

I care for patients

Register yourself

By contacting covid19@moveup.care, or using the contact forms on this website, our team will create your account.

You will receive a doctor/hospital-specific code which your patients can use to connect with you.

After registration you can login to the medical dashboard here.

The use of the medical dashboard is free of charge.

Covid 19


Committed to Solidarity

Given the COVID-19 crisis situation, the moveUP.care team quickly adapted the App and platform to support all affected stakeholders.

The COVID-19 treatment can be used to diagnose, triage and follow up patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

In parallel, an aggregated live dashboard allows to monitor that status and progress in the field.

For more info, contact the COVID-19 team.

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