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Instructions to get started

1. Download the app.

2.  Ask your clinician for his/her COVID-moveUP-code to complete your registration. When you cannot reach your doctor for one reason or another, then use the code "COVID19".

3. Once registered, your clinician will monitor and offer you daily guidance until you're fully recovered.

Do you have questions?

Visit the online helpdesk where we've answered 101 questions.
In case you have another question, Anne and Ruth are at your disposal.


You can contact the assistants by e-mail or by phone during office hours:

T. 0800. 88 008 (BE)

T. 085. 400 11 91 (NL)

T. 020. 819 178 13 (UK)

moveUP Therapy, Coach and Companion are a registered medical device.
*Unless otherwise specified, the information contained on this website refers to the moveUP Therapy plan provided by medical professionals who are certified to use the moveUP tools. As a medical device, the moveUP app is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between patients and their health care providers.

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