Benefit from having more insights into the rehabilitation process with moveUP

With over 400 parameters, you can make better informed decisions for your patients.

an all-in-one tool
for surgery rehabilitation therapy

Full insight into patients' health​ 
Track the rehabilitation of your patients based on daily collected data, including:
  • Pain levels (day/night)
  • Physical activity
  • Treatment adherence
  • Use of crutches
  • Medication intake
Evidence-based protocols
With a few clicks you can select, use and adjust the evidence-based protocols that are integrated in the solution.
Using the patient data you can easily adjust therapies to match patients' individual needs.
Multidisciplinary collaboration
Easily collaborate with patients' surgeons, GP and other healthcare providers. Just "flag" a patient in the dashboard to alert another member of the care team to check the patient's health status. 
Smart messaging function
Via the messenger you can communicate directly with patients.
Automatically the tool sends patients relevant information and medical questionnaires, saving you valuable time.

moveUP for physiotherapists

  • Made for and by surgeons and physiotherapists

  • Tool usage, eCourse and certification are free of charge 

  • In-company physiotherapists are at your assistance 7/7

Completing the eCourse grants you: official recognition by RIZIV as a certified digital physiotherapist. You'll be mentioned as such on the website of RIZIV (Belgium).

moveUP is reimbursed in Belgium

The moveUP CE marked medical device. Currently the usage of moveUP is reimbursed in a number of Belgian medical centres. This reimbursement applies to the follow-up of patients after hip and knee replacement. Read more on NIHDI/RIZIV/INAMI (Dutch) and Axxon (Dutch) or click on the button below. Patients and therapist can benefit from moveUP with the necessary framework.
The moveUP application is available to all physiotherapists. However, there are some requirements in order to maintain and increase quality. This is why we offer kinesitherapists and physiotherapists a free eCourse to get trained in providing digital care.
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What physiotherapists say...

Femke Smeets

Research & Development
Tele rehabilitation therapy

As a physiotherapist at moveUP, I'm currently working on improving patients' treatment adherence. My colleagues and I are testing gamification, patient empowerment methods and personal coaching techniques. It's a very exciting project to be working on.

Bram te Rijdt


Using moveUP allows me to daily monitor the evolution of my patients via a user-friendly dashboard.


Thanks to the automated patient flagging, I can see who is facing issues and who needs further guidance.

Become a Tele-Rehabilitation Expert!

Do you recognise the value of offering patients remote care using moveUP? Then we have good news for you: we invite a limited amount of physiotherapists to become a tele-rehabilitation expert of moveUP. Experts receive referral patients from us. This way, together we can help more patients with better care.  


Benefits of being a tele-rehabilitation expert:


  • Work in association with multiple hospitals 

  • Boost your patient flow 

  • Rehabilitate multiple patients remotely with interesting financials 


Complete the eCourse and send us an e-mail requesting to become a tele-rehabilitation expert. We will respond to your e-mail shortly.

Parties we work with

moveUP has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 961127. 

moveUP Therapy, Coach and Companion are a registered medical device.
*Unless otherwise specified, the information contained on this website refers to the moveUP Therapy plan provided by medical professionals who are certified to use the moveUP tools. As a medical device, the moveUP app is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between patients and their health care providers.

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