Brief introduction to the moveUP app

We introduce you to the app functionalities which you will use the most. This page is available for you as a downloadable document which you can print. 

Besides the simplified app manual, you can also download:
- the complete manual, (40 pages) ; and
- the step counter manual. 

Do you have questions? Click here to visit our online support platform. If your question is not answered, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is happy to assist you. 
Activity tracker manual
Getting familiarised with the moveUP app

After signing up for moveUP you will receive separate instructions to install the moveUP app.

You typically navigate between 3 tabs in the app. You can switch between tabs by pressing on the name of a tab. At the bottom of each tab you will see a green bar in which the three different tabs are displayed. The tab you are in is marked with a dark green square.

The three tabs concern:

  • the overview screen, the current screen;

  • your exercise schedule; and

  • the daily questionnaire.

Learn more about the different tabs > 

EN Welcome.png
Tab: Overview screen
After logging in, the app opens with an overview screen. The overview screen is divided into different sections. These are: (1) Word of welcome, (2) Messenger function, (3) Questionnaires and information modules, (4) Activity tracker,  (5) Step graph, (6) The three tabs
EN Overview screen.png
Messenger function
With the messenger function, your rehabilitation expert and doctor are always within hand reach.
On the overview page, press the ''History'' button to the right of the ''Messenger'' heading.

Type a message in the white text field at the bottom of the page. All messages are answered by the team within 24 hours (including weekends).
Activity tracker and step graph
Together with your activity tracker, you will receive a detailed manual on how to use it.

What is important to know at this stage is that we advice you not to exceed the step limit set by your rehabilitation expert. In your step graph you can check your physical activity levels. The step limit is indicated by a red line in the step graph.
Questions and Information modules
You regularly receive medical questionnaires and articles with valuable information. You find these modules in the "Surveys & Information" section on the overview screen.

Press "Start" to open the questionnaire or information module.
Tab: Exercises
Your rehabilitation expert prescribes exercises on a daily basis. You can view these by clicking on the middle tab "Exercises". Exercises are explained in a video and also described in a text.

Below the video, you can indicate how often you have performed the exercise. To do this, press the plus sign ("+") or minus sign ("-") to indicate the correct number of repetitions.
Tab: Questionnaire
To ensure that your recovery goes as planned, we monitor your progress using daily questionnaires. Based on your answers your rehabilitation expert may adjust your treatment if needed.

To fill out the daily questionnaire, press on the "Questionnaire" tab. You can complete the daily questionnaire between 4 pm and 11:59 pm. As soon as the questionnaire can be opened an exclamation mark on the questionnaire tab appears.