Overview screen

The application opens with the overview screen.

At the bottom of the application you see 3 tabs:

  • overview screen
    where you find incoming messages, questionnaires, information modules and your step graph;

  • exercise screen,
    where you find your personalised schedule of rehabilitation exercises;

  • questions
    which you answer to inform your rehabilitation expert about your progress.

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Step graph 
Wear the step counter as a watch and our solution automatically records your physical activity. At the bottom of the overview screen you can see:
  • how many steps you should approximately take today, in the example left it the patient should take 1200 steps and not more
  • how close you are to your target, which is indicated with a red line in the graph
  • your physical activity of the past week.
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Messenger function

Directly communicate with your care team using the messenger function.


  • On the overview page, tap the 'history' button on the right of the word 'messages';

  • Messages are shown with the newest message sent/received at the bottom.

  • Scroll up to view older messages.

Send messages or photos

  • Tap on the pencil or in the white text field at the bottom of the page to write a message. A keyboard automatically appears.

  • To send photos tap on the camera. The camera of your phone/tablet automatically appears. 

  • Tap on "send" to send your message or photo. 

Learn more about sending messages >


To ensure that your recovery goes according to plan, we will ask you daily how you are doing.

  • Tap on the tab "Questions" to answer your daily questionnaire. 

  • Tap on "Start" in the overview screen to fill out a special medical questionnaire.

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Information at the right time 
After years of experience, your rehabilitation expert knows when you are likely to have certain questions. Via the information modules shown in the overview screen, you will receive the answers to these questions in advance.
In the overview screen, tap on "Start" in the overview screen to open an information module.
How to re-read the info module???!!
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Your rehabilitation expert prescribes exercises daily.

  • Tap on the middle tab "exercises" to view your exercise plan.

  • Exercises are explained in a video and described step-by-step.

Inform your rehabilitation expert about your training performance:

  • Below the video, you indicate how often you performed the exercise.

  • Press the plus symbol ("+") to increase the amount of repetitions you have done

  • Tap on the minus symbol ("-") to lower the the amount of repetitions you have done.

Learn more about exercises > 

moveUP Therapy, Coach and Companion are a registered medical device.
*Unless otherwise specified, the information contained on this website refers to the moveUP Therapy plan provided by medical professionals who are certified to use the moveUP tools. As a medical device, the moveUP app is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between patients and their health care providers.

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