Digital therapies that enrich
the value of your solutions.

Complete your product offering with a recognised digital solution. Provide your customers with new insights and empowered patients.

Data-collecting digital therapies that improve the patient experience


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Modular solutions 

Digital therapies for hip/knee replacement and bariatric surgery are readily available in different modules.

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Custom therapies

Our solutions can be white-labelled and designed to match your company style. 

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Real-life data insights

​Collect insights to support clinical trial design, health economic modelling, and reimbursement.


Medtech expertise


We know how to build digital patients pathways, respecting all regulations. Our dedicated team takes care of implementation and support. 

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Thinking about introducing digital therapy solutions to your customers?

We are happy to give you examples of the service we provide for leading players in the pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech industry.