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Raising the standard of healthcare with smart digital solutions

Modular solutions & custom therapies​

Complete and modular digital therapies for hip & knee replacements, as well as bariatric surgery are readily available. We develop custom digital therapies in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders. If desired, custom therapies can be white labelled and designed to match your company style. 

Data-driven patient outcome improvement 


Using smart data collection and analysis, we boost surgery outcomes at various stages of the patient journey. Our solutions help our clients with:

- smart patient selection

- diligent pre-habilitation

- maximum patient empowerment

- enhanced recovery and rehabilitation 

Rapid roll-out of solutions


Profit from our track record in digital therapy development. By running post-market surveys during the entire patient journey we quickly understand the elements predicting good clinical and economical outcomes. These insights form the foundation for health economic modelling for funding and reimbursement. 

Supporting value-based healthcare programs


While healthcare expenses are rising, budgets are under pressure. moveUP fully supports value-based healthcare programs. Physicians receive the insights they need to measure and improve their quality of care. At the same time every professional moveUP user can show their patients' outcomes with a simple click on a button. 

Outsource remote medical care to us 



We offer the possibility to outsource your remote medical care needs to us. We have a large team of professionals readily available for clients who prefer to focus on offering premium care in their core activities. 


​Are you a market innovator interested to reap the benefits of offering digital therapies? Let us talk! 
We are happy to give you examples on how we collaborate with leading players in the pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech industry.