AI-supported digital therapeutics 

Join us in our mission to make value-based digital care the industry standard.

For the development and roll out of new digital therapies we partner with
hospitals, insurance companies, academic organisations and medical experts.
Our joint goal is to improve  pre- and post-surgery patient pathways with digital solutions. 

Partnership projects

Believing in the power of synergy we currently welcome partners to join us with the following projects:
Plan A

(stage / field)

Introduction Plan A. Objectives. Time span. Type of partnerships sought and already involved. Planned commencement. Budget. What not else.

Project B

(development stage)

Introduction Plan B. Objectives. Type of partnerships sought and already involved.

Project C

(esthaetic correction)

Introduction Plan C. Objectives. Type of partnerships sought and already involved.

Custom Therapies

moveUP has a track record in creating multi-modal digital therapies and monitoring solutions according to medical device guidelines and processes. Whether your plan is to monitor or bring validated pathways, products or therapies on the market or whether you plan to launch and validate new treatments/products through clinical studies, the moveUP Custom Therapies solution fits your needs.

Our Partners

Get in touch

Bob Moens

Director Partnerships

Particularly on those days when you feel low, I shall give you extra attention. I'll adjust your exercise plan or advice you to take some extra rest. Together we can get you back on your feet!

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Marie Royer
Partnerships France

We are looking forward to work with partners who are ready to improve their quality of healthcare services. I personally thrive on creating synergies with other innovation-minded organisations.

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moveUP Therapy, Coach and Companion are a registered medical device.
*Unless otherwise specified, the information contained on this website refers to the moveUP Therapy plan provided by medical professionals who are certified to use the moveUP tools. As a medical device, the moveUP app is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between patients and their health care providers.

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