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COVID-19 Application for triage & monitoring

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

UPDATE 01/04

moveUP is in het kader van COVID19 ondersteund door de federale overheid

Meer info voor patiënt en arts: www.moveup.care/covid

La solution moveUP est soutenue par le gouvernement fédéral dans le cadre de la lutte contre la pandémie Covid19. Plus d'info pour les patients et médecins: www.moveup.care/covid

On request of a hospital and multiple GP’s, moveUP has developed an application for triage and continuous monitoring of patients (potentially) affected with COVID19, including for monitoring them after discharge. Patients use an app on which they are guided and share their condition at real time. The health care professional has a medical dashboard to overview the situation of all patients and can take action when needed, through a GDPR compliant communication channel. Objective data from sensors like e.g. pulse oximeters and subjective elements like extra questions can be integrated.

Our COVID application & medical dashboard can be installed remotely & connected to the electronic patient record. First implementation in an hospital in East-Flanders is scheduled for March 23. #togetheragainstcorona

Interested? Contact us on covid19@moveup.care

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