• Bob Moens

moving UP to the UK

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

After showing cost-effectiveness and market adoption in > 15 hospitals in Belgium, moveUP is expanding towards other markets. In UK, our value proposition is fully in line with the NHS 5-year plan (e.g. personalised & digital care, move from hospital to home care, multidisciplinary collaboration, ... ) and the NICE guidelines on rehabilitation (self-directed rehab is recommended as 1st line therapy, use of information booklets is not sufficient, rehab is more then exercises, supervision is needed, 2 weeks between follow-up moments is too long, ...). We also received very good feedback on our ability for creating efficiencies (reduction of length of stay, readmissions and out-patient appointment), while keeping patients engaged and satisfied. This made our case strong enough to set -up a UK company and recruit our first employee.

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