People behind moveUP: Laurens joined during the pandemic.

Updated: Jan 27

The first person to be hired after receiving a sizeable Horizon 2020 funding, was Laurens. How have the first 6 months at moveUP been for this “Full Stack Developer”?

So, how has the past half year at moveUP been?

It may sound like an “American toothpaste ad”, but really, I couldn’t be more happy! I started my career at a start-up that eventually got acquired by a large corporate. Working for a large company has definitely got its advantages, but really, I get more joy working at a scale-up such as moveUP.

Joining a scale-up means there’s no lengthy HR intake process followed by some courses. Starting out here meant diving straight in (with an awesome team ready to answer any questions of course). For me this is by far the quickest way to get the hang of everything.

What appeals to you to work for a scale-up?

As expected, at moveUP the development cycles are shorter. There’s no such task as “bug fixing”. When we do find a bug, we not only fix it, we improve the functionality. In a scale-up there are no paved roads yet, so you really get to be part of the decision-making process affecting not only today’s product, but also the one for the future. We can think -and act- outside the box. We really work as a team.

Hang on, weren't you hired as a Full Stack Developer?

Yes, but at a scale-up it’s more “all for one, one for all”. I also work on roadmapping, product development… There are no clear boundaries. You know what your responsibilities are. At the same time, you think -and act- as a team.

You’ve mentioned the word “team” twice now. Who are in your team?

Together with Bruno and Pieter Jan we are responsible for the technology behind the moveUP app and medical platform. Bruno has been the developer of moveUP since day 1, I believe. We really work as a team of equals with unique talents. Twice a week we have a group call to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Sounds like you guys are on a mission!

We sure are! And the rest of the company also give us enough feedback to improve our product. It’s very motivating, mostly because the value of our work is quite quickly visible.

Can you name an example of a reached milestone that you’re proud of?

I just finished making the Garmin activity tracker easier to connect to the moveUP app. Also, I’m super excited about the upcoming UI update of the medical dashboard. The dashboard will become so much more user-friendly for the healthcare professionals to work with.

To what extend are you a “healthy geek”?

Well, I am in IT so I guess I can be labeled a “geek”. I’m quite conscious of my food intake, too. Three times a week I run or cycle. I guess, indeed I could be named a healthy geek! I do enjoy wining and dining.

So if Ward (CEO) proposes to all do the 10K in Gent this spring, you’d be game?


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