People behind moveUP: Muriel, Quality & Regulations Manager

Updated: Jan 27

As one of the first moveUP originals, Muriel is a key player at moveUP. As a former Technologist Medical Imaging MRI and CT at the radiology department in a large hospital, how did Muriel transit to a career in Quality and Regulations? Moreover, how does a free spirited person find joy in ensuring all to follow the regulatory rules?

How did you become the Quality & Regulatory Manager at moveUP?

I actually got hired as a Project Manager. There were dozens of tasks and a zillion more ambitions. It was my task to merge different processes into a formal Quality Management System. A big objective was to reach compliancy with ISO 13485 and finding a balance between the agile and waterfall development way of working. By maintaining the medical device file and obtaining ISO certificates, I grew into the role of Quality & Regulatory Manager.

What do you enjoy about your work?

The combination of innovative healthcare and technology appeals to me. I’m glad the market and the EU recognise the potential of eHealth and mHealth. Back in 2017 I felt that hospitals and health professionals were hesitant to give digital therapeutics a shot. This has definitely changed, making my work exciting with new partnership projects on the go.

A part of your role is keeping your colleagues in check. Ever considered a career as a police officer?

It’s funny, I actually don’t like rules & structure! But I like being disciplined. With the implementation of some Gamification Days for Quality Management Systems, I’m on a mission to make rules more fun. For example, I developed a memory game to get us to adhere to the applicable legislations. I guess by believing in our company mission and a healthy dose of creativity, I try to give rules a positive reputation. I’m looking forward to organising the next Game Day after lockdown.

What are you working on right now?

Besides partnership audits, I am preparing the company for upcoming medical development regulation audits. It’s a mouthful. And it should. These audits are not to be taken lightly. Till date, we’ve always passed them. That definitely gives me a kick.

So you’re swamped with work?

moveUP is scaling up rapidly. So, yes, there’s always a lot of work. And once you’ve finished the projects, there’ll be others milestones to work towards. Self-management is definitely a skill I’d recommend future employees to have. Be kind to yourself and focus solely on today’s tasks!

moveUP doubled in size over the summer. Do you have any other tips for the newbie’s?

First of all, I truly enjoy the influx of people. Their energy has definitely helped me keeping my spirits up during the lockdown. To be frank, I do miss going to the office, mostly to have non-work related chats. Although, one thing I can recommend is going zero-tolerance towards caffeine & theïne. Despite missing out on coffee, tea, chocolate and coca cola and it being Blue Monday, I feel much better than two months ago!

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