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Together with KiOmed Pharma, moveUP develops an app for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Belgian biotech company KiOmed Pharma and moveUP are pleased to announce the signature of an exclusive agreement for the development and licensing of a unique mobile health companion application dedicated to personalised conservative intra-articular treatment for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. This application is to be developed by moveUP, while exclusive global marketing rights are to be granted to KiOmed, who will market it alongside their innovative single-shot intra-articular injection for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

‘We are excited to join forces with moveUP in revolutionising the personalised treatment of osteoarthritis, an incurable debilitating pathology affecting hundreds of millions of patients worldwide,’ states KiOmed Pharma Executive Chairman Mr. François Blondel. He concludes that,‘this partnership further demonstrates the huge potential of Belgium’s life science industry’.

moveUP develops the app using its innovative healthcare platform on which CE-approved digital therapies can be developed and rolled-out. Some of moveUP’s solutions have already been reimbursed in Belgium and/or funded by various private insurers.  Through this agreement, moveUP will grant KiOmed global rights to market this personalised healthcare app across selected markets either itself or via its distributors. They will then be entitled to any upfront, milestone and sales-related payments.

‘We are excited by this opportunity to expand our digital therapy approach to the conservative treatment of osteoarthritis, wherein we believe the potential for improved patient outcomes is high. We are convinced that our combined expertise will lead to finding a solution with high value for both physicians and patients alike,’ states moveUP Director Mr Charles-Eric Winandy.

moveUP and KiOmed plan to assess Q3’s new app this year in several leading clinical centres, first in Belgium, before extending the evaluation program to the Netherlands, France, Germany and the rest of Europe. The two companies also agreed to establish a joint business model that will best leverage and fairly redistribute any added value generated from this exclusive collaboration.

‘We are delighted to have agreed this strategic partnership with moveUP, which represents a major step towards a more personalised and cost-effective treatment of patients with osteoarthritis’ states KiOmed Pharma CEO Dr Houtaï Choumane. He adds,‘We strongly believe that this innovative app will further leverage clinical utility and differentiation for our KiOmedine® single-shot injection for the benefit of physicians and patients suffering from osteoarthritis’.

About KiOmed Pharma

KiOmed Pharma is a Belgium-based biotech spin-off of world-leading bio-chemical company Kitozyme. KiOmed Pharma focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of safe and effective medical devices and therapeutic solutions based on KiOmedine®, an innovative and exclusive animal-free chitosan biodegradable biopolymer. KiOmed Pharma offers a unique pipeline of products for tackling invalidating osteoarthritis, skin ageing and dry eye syndrome.