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Optimise your rehabilitation from your hip or knee surgery with daily medical guidance

The moveUP remote care plan make it possible to offer you the care you need safely. 

Rehabilitate safely with daily follow-up

​The success of your hip or knee replacement surgery depends on many different factors.
With moveUP your recovery is closely monitored by a team of rehabilitation experts. In doing so, complications can be identified and treated at an early stage*.  

Daily personalised rehabilitation plan consisting of:

  • personal physical activity and exercise plan 
  • information and examination via photos and videos
  • medical advice and personal coaching 
This care is provided by a certified physiotherapist and your surgeon.
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How moveUP helps you back on your feet 

What patients say about moveUP

"Easy to start and what a difference compared to my previous surgery [regarding the care plan]. I'm grateful my surgeon and physiotherapist proposed to use moveUP."

"Thank you for the great support and
follow up by a top care team.
I felt immediately at ease by your support. "

Remote personalised care
with the moveUP app

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Information & education

moveUP empowers you with the right information at the right time. And should you have any questions, then just send your care team a message.

Personal exercises

Every day you will receive an exercise plan. This plan is adjusted based on your progress.

Messenger function

Communicate directly with your care team using the messenger. All messages are answered within 24 hours.

Patient Journey

Read how you'll be guided from A to Z.

1. Receive a personal proposal

Everyone is unique. That is why we strive to make personalised care available to all. How moveUP can help you depends on multiple factors. Contact us to request and a rehabilitation expert shall contact you within one workday. Based on your unique needs, you will receive a proposal. Requesting a proposal does not oblige you to anything. 
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2. Introduction to moveUP

You will be guided in installing and getting familiar with the moveUP app and the step counter.
This introduction may take place at an information session at your hospital, at your physiotherapist's practice or online.
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3. We help you prepare for your surgery 
Two weeks prior to your surgery, start wearing the step counter that you've received from us. 
Via the moveUP app, we help you to prepare for the surgery. This includes practical tips such as filling up your refrigerator but also exercises for pain management. 
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4. Day of your surgery

Your orthopaedic surgeon performs the hip- or knee replacement surgery.


moveUP supports so-called "day surgeries" for patients released from the hospital on the same day as the surgery.

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5. Recover at home with daily follow-up

What happens in this phase determines for a large part the success of your surgery. That is why you will be closely monitor and actively guided by experts. Patients particularly feel supported by the frequent interaction they have with their care team. 

Daily rehabilitation care includes among others:

- personal coaching with exercises

- attention for your well-being

management of (pain) medication

- responding to any questions you may have

- physical consultations with your rehabilitation specialist and surgeon, when necessary. 

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6. Your rehabilitation is a success! 

What would you like to be able to do after your surgery? Go for a bike ride, play golf or "just" walk without any pain? Regardless of your goal, we will coach you till you're fully rehabilitated.
To give your surgeon and physiotherapist insight into your health status, you will receive  a medical questionnaire once or twice a year. 
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Top 5 questions ... and their answers

1. How do I enroll?

Contact us and submit your e-mail address. We shall contact you within one work day to discuss how moveUP can help you. 

2. How safe is treatment with moveUP?

moveUP as a product and treatment plan are recognised as a medical product and complies to strict European safety standards. This concerns the safety of patients health and patient data privacy. Read more about our safety certificates and practices.

3. How much does moveUP cost?


The moveUP treatment plan, including the use of a step counter and tablet are, apart from standard co-payment, fully reimbursed by Belgian mutuality funds. Currently this reimbursement is limited to 15 hospitals in Belgium. We're having talks with Dutch health insurance companies to cover our treatment in The Netherlands. 


The standard cost of the full moveUP treatment plan is €45 per week. Participants of medical studies with moveUP, receive our treatment free of charge. Read more about the costs and reimbursement in your country and/or health insurance.

4. Can be guided by my own physiotherapist or orthopaedic surgeon?

Yes, in case your physiotherapist and surgeon agree to it. Study participants may not have this option. 

5. I am not that familiar with smart phones, tablets or apps... would that be a problem?

The moveUP app is very user-friendly even for those without computer skills. If you can handle the remote control of a TV, you can work with our app. The satisfaction of a group of patients age 65-88 rated the moveUP app with the maximum of 5 stars.

Do you have more questions?

Visit the online helpdesk where we've answered 101 questions. In case you have another question, Anne and Ruth are at your disposal. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone during office hours:


Our telephone numbers:
United Kingdom: T 02 08 19 17 813

Belgium: T 080 08 80 08

The Netherlands: T 08 54 00 11 91
Germany: T +32 80 08 80 08