Digital Therapeutics

Surgeons During Operation


moveUP's original product and service offering started in Orthopaedics.
After successfully launching digital therapies to the market in 2018 for knee and hip arthroplasty, the moveUP platform will soon offer ACL, spine, foot, ankle and back pain therapies in this domain.

Covid 19


Given the COVID-19 crisis situation, the team quickly adapted the App and platform to support all affected stakeholders.
The COVID-19 protocol can be used to diagnose, triage and follow up patients with COVID-19 symptoms.


Bariatrics is partnering up to apply the principles of Value Based Healthcare and Digital Therapeutics in the field of Bariatrics.


Custom Therapies has a track record in creating multi-modal digital therapies and monitoring solutions according to medical device guidelines and processes. Whether your plan is to monitor or bring validated pathways, products or therapies on the market or whether you plan to launch and validate new treatments/products through clinical studies, the moveUP Custom Therapies solution fits your needs. 

Let us know what you have in mind.


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