Digital Therapies
for patient prehabilitation & follow-up

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(remote) care 


Prepare, empower and support your patients for the entire patient journey.

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Enhanced clinical decision support


Assess your
patients’ situation
in an efficient way

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and improve outcomes


Smart collection of PROMs and PREMs stimulate compliance and quality of care.

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Close post-op monitoring


to reduce the impact of complications and readmissions.

Entire patient journey support

from pre-assessment to full rehabilitation

Cloud-based medical dashboard 
for high-level and detailed insights 

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Remote patient post-op treatment supports

✓ Reducing average length of stay 

✓ Reducing readmissions

✓ Reducing the amount of clinic appointments 

"With our continuous feedback loop,
we reach excellent patient satisfaction and data completion rates."

- Bob Moens, Director Partnerships

Our unique approach

The moveUP solution combines patient feedback with standardised recovery protocols to generate daily personalised care plans and information support for outpatients. This offering provides peace of mind and convenience when monitoring patients after hospital discharge.

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1. Collect
Objective and subjective data are collected on a daily basis.

3. Adjust
Automated treatments can be adjusted at any time.

5. Achieve
Keep the patient on track towards full recovery with limited efforts from the care team. 

2. Assess
Dashboard highlights patients in need of support.

4. Coach
Patients receive the right information at the right time.

Hospital Employees

Discover what moveUP can mean

for all your patients and you