Personalised healthcare
at your fingertips

We empower you to recover from your surgery, anytime, anywhere.

Daily remote medical care before and after your surgery

  • Care team consisting of specialised physiotherapists, nurses, general practitioner, dieticians and psychologists

  • Personalised rehabilitation plan

  • Easy exercise videos

  • Early complication identification*  

  • moveUP app and step counter

Make a success of your surgery - today!

You have more influence over the surgery outcome than you may realise. With moveUP you benefit from having a support system available at your fingertips to optimise your recovery.

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Care in the comfort of your own home

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Daily care by your personal care team

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Reach goal

Coaching to reach your personal goal

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Affordable program (possibly fully reimbursed)

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Close follow-up

Early complication identification and treatment 

How can we help you?

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moveUP for...

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What professionals say ...

Valerie Timmermans


"Particularly on those days when you feel low, I will give you the extra attention. I'll adjust your exercise plan or encourage you to take some extra rest.

Together we can get you back on your feet!"

Dr. Van Onsem

Orthopaedic surgeon

"With moveUP I have better insights into your unique health challenges before and after a surgery.


This helps me provide care that exactly matches your progress and lifestyle."

Ward Servaes moveUP.jpg
Servaes, MBA.


"moveUP helps to gain insight into the rehabilitation of patients at home. This enables care teams to assess patients' progress and provide personalised care throughout the entire patient journey.


In doing so, moveUP boosts the involvement and satisfaction of both healthcare providers and patients."

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moveUP has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 961127.