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In Orthopaedics and beyond is een pionier in Digital Therapeutics en biedt een platform aan voor digitale out-patient monitoring, coaching en behandeling. Het platform maakt het onder de vorm van gecertifieerde medische hulpmiddelen mogelijk om zorgpaden efficiënter te maken, waarbij de patiënt ondersteund, veilig en tevreden blijft.

moveUP werkt samen met chirurgen, kinesitherapeuten, ziekenhuizen en life science bedrijven met als doel kwaliteit, tevredenheid, resultaten en efficiëntie te verhogen.


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Tele rehabilitation solution in hip and knee replacements

moveUP came about to help healthcare professionals improve patient pathways and outcomes. Within orthopaedics, the solution targets the following four needs:

1. Need for patient medical diary 

  • More than 6 out of 10 physiotherapists lack preoperative information 

  • 95% agrees that a simple report of the patient’s status would of great help

2. Need for a way to prevent patients from overtraining 
Almost 20% of physiotherapists encounter overtrained patients 

3. Need for an exercise adherence tool 

  • Nearly 25% of physiotherapists struggle to choose the appropriate exercise type and level 

  • About half of the physiotherapists do not know if the patient did his exercises 

4. Need for a tool to provide tele rehabilitation 

  • More than 80% of the physiotherapists is keen to apply tele rehabilitation solutions 


Next to the issues mentioned above, there are still no specific evidence-based guidelines for rehabilitation after hip or knee replacements. On top of that, there are still opposed opinions on rehabilitation characteristics such as slow vs fast progression and low load vs high load exercises. Another issue worth mentioning is the time-consuming element of physical therapy sessions that need to be done at the patient’s home due to his or her immobilisation. 

If we look from a patient’s perspective, they tend to be too active as well as being underactive. The average age of these patients is decreasing which has led to higher post-operative physical demands and different expectations. Being able to provide sufficient answers and expectation management have become key in the rehabilitation approach for those patients. The fact that a patient is immobilised and needs to put in quite some effort to have transportation, urges the need for tele rehabilitation tools. 

Benefits of moveUP 


  • Offer pain management-focused rehabilitation with state-of-the-art technology 

  • Have insight in recent exercises, activity, pain and many other parameters 

  • Rely on a continuous improving rehabilitation protocol 

  • Quickly provide care with priority and easily referred to a specialised medical team 

  • Provide possibility to rehabilitate remotely = whenever and wherever  

  • Maximize efficiency of your resources: more time and room for other patients 

  • Profit from interesting return on investment 

  • And many more 

moveUP is reimbursed in Belgium

Agreement on reimbursement for tele rehabilitation 

Since 13 July 2020, the Insurance Committee of the Medical care service of NIHDI/RIZIV/INAMI approved the agreement via Article 22, 6° bis between the Insurance committee, the physiotherapists and recognised nursing institutions. This agreement includes modalities and reimbursement for rehabilitation with a mobile application (moveUP) of patients before and after primary knee or hip arthroplasty (source: Axxon, newsletter and website).


In other words, the moveUP CE marked medical device is now reimbursed in Belgium for follow-up of patients after hip & knee replacement. The reimbursement for the first mobile health application in Belgium is a fact. As from now patients can experience the advantages of moveUP with the necessary framework. First 15 centers include +1000  patients for an RCT, then opening up to all centers in Belgium. The moveUP application is available for all physiotherapists. Still there are some requirements in order to maintain and increase quality (see preferred partners). 


You can find more information about the agreement and reimbursement on RIZIV (NL / FR) and on Axxon (NL / FR). 







Patient Journey

Begeleiding van patiënt uit AZ



Verzameling van PROM's + wekelijkse / dagelijkse parameters: 400 datapunten per patiënt



= Companion


Realtime patiëntmonitoring


Patiënt coaching via boodschappensysteem


Beeld- en video-uploads per patiënt



= Coach


Gepersonaliseerde en geautomatiseerde behandeling per pathologie

Voor nu: heupprothese en knieprothese


Vanaf mei 2020: ACL, schouder, rug, voet en enkel

Companion, Coach & Therapy zijn gekeurde medische hulpmiddelen.
Companion & Coach zijn beschikbaar via een jaarlijkse licentie per traject.
Therapy volgt een extra vergoeding per patiënt.

Preferred partners

With the moveUP app we want to help you expand your expertise. We also want to learn from your expertise to build an even better platform to deliver the best care possible for the patients. 

At moveUP we are convinced the patient will get a better outcome, on average, with a specialised, experienced team. As with everything, there is certainly also a learning curve to deliver the best care through the moveUP app. It is a different way of working than most physiotherapists are used to. A good knowledge of digital therapy philosophy and practical medical dashboard is needed.   

For this reason, moveUP wants to build special relations with “preferred centres” of physiotherapists spread over Belgium. 


Who are we looking for? 


  • Willing to, or already, specialiised in rehabilitation after knee and hip replacement 

  • You agree with the protocol and the philosophy of digital therapeutics (value-based healthcare) 

  • You are also willing to perform face-to-face or physical sessions if needed of patients treated by a virtual clinic that works exclusively digital 


Benefits of being a preferred partner 


  • Work in association with one or multiple hospitals 

  • Participate in a network for referrals of patient with hip and knee replacements and boost your patient flow 

  • Rehabilitate multiple patients remotely with interesting financials 

  • Appear in RIZIV’s list of recognized physiotherapists for digital rehabilitation 

  • Outsource administrative tasks to a moveUP department 



How to become a preferred partner? 


  1. Follow the e-learning course 


moveUP is open for all physiotherapists to use. There is a learning curve for delivering care quality through the health care platform. For this reason, following the e-learning course is obligatory for all physiotherapist starting to use moveUP. 

How to apply for the e-learning course? 

  • Click here 

  • Sign up for our e-learning course 

  • Choose “Sign up” in the upper right corner 

  • Accept the terms of service 

  • Wait for your approval from moveUP 

  • You can start your courses 

  • After you follow the courses you will receive a certificate. moveUP will check your NIHDI/RIZIV/INAMI number and from that moment on we will create a login for you to access our medical dashboard. 


85% data compleetheid & therapietrouw

Volledig zorgpad

Follow-up van de patiënt vanaf diagnose vóór de operatie tot 3 maanden na de operatie


We integreren gegevens van gevalideerde wearables

+400 datapunten

Analyses zijn gebaseerd op 400 datapunten per patiënt en kunnen worden geïntegreerd in uw EHR


90% van de patiënten beveelt moveUP aan bij vrienden en familie

Meerdere pathologieën

Track record in orthopedie en nu beschikbaar voor andere pathologieën


Intelligente en live rapportage op patiënt- en cohortniveau


17 ziekenhuizen die onze oplossingen actief gebruiken (en meer volgen)


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