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moveUP and Ethias partner to offer weight-loss surgery patients close follow-up care

moveUP and Ethias have launched a pilot study to offer bariatric patients extensive care before and after a weight-loss surgery. The proposed expert guidance spans one year per patient. The follow-up care is predominantly provided digitally using moveUP's solutions.

While the average length of stay at hospital decreases, continued post-surgery care for weight-loss patients becomes indispensable. Besides recovering from a major surgery, patients are to adopt a health lifestyle. Ethias recognises that offering patients expert guidance aids patients to make such radical lifestyle changes.

For successful surgery outcomes, the Federal Information Centre for Healthcare (KCE) states that post-bariatric patients should be follow-up up by a multidisciplinary team for up to 2 years.  Nevertheless, patients typically receive only a few consults that are often not reimbursed by healthcare insurers. Ethias aims to improve weight loss patients' follow-up care, while also covering all associated healthcare costs.

By partnering with moveUP, Ethias offers bariatric patients intensive pre- and post-surgery  care by a medical care team. The care team consists of doctors, nurses, nutritionalists, psychologists and physiotherapists.

The patients can directly communicate with their care team using the moveUP app. Besides direct communication, patients receive personalised advice, exercise plans with videos and an activity tracker to automatically measure one's physical activity levels. Additionally patients are closely monitored for prompt complication identification and treatment. Eventually, the focus shifts to instilling a healthy lifestyle.

During the pilot study between 50 and 100 patients will receive multidisciplinary care. The first patients are scheduled to start in the upcoming month. The goal is to record experiences of patients and care teams to further enhance bariatric pathways.